Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro will finally appear together for an entire movie. Although they have shared screen credits twice, neither movie featured them sharing much, if any, screen time. They were completely separate in The Godfather Part II and only shared one forced scene in the brilliant Heat. Now they will co-star in Righteous Kill, playing cops chasing a serial killer.

The announcement of the new film was made at the Cannes film festival by producers Avi Lerner and Randall Emmett. Variety reported that Lerner lost some perspective by calling this “an event in world history.” That’s true in the same way that my brushing my teeth is an event in world history. It exists in time and space, so that coves anything that happens. Still, it is a pretty big deal for those of us who love DeNiro, Pacino, and cop movies.

Further details and other co-stars were not released, but since the entire budget will be $60 million, there may not be much left for anyone else once the two big cheeses get paid. Both actors are certainly far from sure things as anyone who saw that movie where Pacino played the devil would admit. The chances for success are high, though, and their two previous semi-collaborations were great films. Jon Avent will direct and the script was written by Inside Man writer Russell Gewitz.

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