The stop-motion animation flick, ParaNorman, is a classic tale of a boy who can see and speak to dead people. The rollicking adventure story, created by the people behind Coraline, was one of my favorites of the year. If you missed it in theaters—and as the box office scores show, you probably did—you’ll be able to catch ParaNorman on Blu-ray and DVD very soon. The set hits the market on November 27 and if you want a test run with a few of the bonus features, we have a couple of segments for you.

You’ll have to ignore the cheesy background music, but getting the chance to watch a few of the creators chat about what makes stop motion so special and what brings people into the stop motion animation fold is pretty inspiring. A few behind-the-scenes moments with the crew are also in the segment, as well. If you were hoping for a little more of the technical stuff, check out the next clip.

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