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Superhero films are clogging up our multiplex screens, with Thor and the X-Men currently battling for your box office dollars and Green Lantern and Captain America preparing to leap into the fray. But so long as audience members keep snatching up tickets to super-powered blockbusters, studios will continue to snatch up comic book properties and fuel the fire.

Paramount, for example, has acquired the rights to The Mighty, a DC Comics-published graphic novel with a super-powered character that actually boasts a twist … which is good because the title doesn’t come with the name recognition of either a Superman or a Spider-Man. The main character is Alpha-One, a super-being who once fought for good but may be undergoing a change. The story’s chief protagonist, however, is Gabriel Cole, a police officer (with no super powers) who learns of Alpha-One’s plans and must figure out how a regular citizen can stop a super-powered being.

Deadline says Paramount’s Disruption Entertainment will produce The Mighty, but was short on details. The 12-part comic series was penned by Peter J. Tomasi and Keith Champagne, with art by Peter Snejbjerg and Chris Samnee, so if you want to brush up on what sounds like an interesting premise, try and grab the series. It’s broken up into two softcover anthologies, and can probably be found at your local comics shop or online.

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