Given a proper amount of effort and a solid budget, an adaptation of Max Brook's novel World War Z could be an amazing thing. The book itself is structured as an oral history, with survivors reflecting on a giant zombie war that nearly destroyed humanity, and has some truly epic moments, the most famous of which is The Battle of Yonkers. Unfortunately, however, the project has faced serious troubles as of recently, with Paramount threatening to kill the project if it can't find co-finance partners. Luckily, it looks as though there are some volunteers.

Deadline is reporting that following the report that Paramount is looking for partners on the project, Skydance Productions and at least two other companies have entered talks for a team-up. Marc Foster, who has been attached since 2006, is still the man in the director's chair and Brad Pitt is still signed on to star. According to previous reports, the estimated budget for the project stands at $125 million and the project will be rated PG-13. Production could start as early as June.

While I can't say I'm too thrilled about the rating - in fact, I'm quite disgruntled - but I'm happy the project could be moving forward. It has the potential to create an incredible blend of viral outbreak, zombie, war, and horror genres, which could be brilliant. Let's hope that somebody signs on the dotted line and soon.

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