I can't quite make sense of the strategy behind which trailers will run in front of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse when it arrives in theaters next Wednesday, ready and eager to take your tween money. We know that the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer will premiere, which makes some sense given the ages and supernatural content, but aren't Potterheads and Twihards supposed to loathe each other like vampires and werewolves? Now Shock Til You Drop is reporting some even weirder news-- the first teaser for Paranormal Activity 2 will also premiere in front of Eclipse.

This news is surprising for a few reasons, and not just that we didn't take Team Jacob for horror fans. The movie started filming within the last month or so with Kip Williams directing, but no cast has been confirmed so far, and the movie is still set for an October 22 release this year, which seems insanely fast even for what seems like a cheap sequel to an even cheaper film. Given that shooting hasn't yet finished, I wouldn't expect to see much actual footage in the upcoming teaser, but I wouldn't mind someone shedding a little light on a sequel that has seemed improbable from the moment it was announced.

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