There have been a lot of excited, if not entirely accurate, comparisons between Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project, from Paramount rubbing its hands together with glee over the money they could potentially make off this $11,000 horror indie to audiences remembering the last time they were that scared by a shaky cam and night vision.

Writer-director Oren Pell's film isn't really all that much like Blair Witch, given that it's set inside a house and actually shows you (sort of) the thing you're supposed to be scared of. But his next film might be headed even further in the Blair Witch direction. Variety is reporting that Pell and his producer Jason Blum have secured funding for their next project, Area 51, which will follow three teenagers who find themselves accidentally on the restricted government base.

Pell was keeping mum on the rest of the details: "I’d rather not say anything about Area 51 except that I am very pleased to be working with the same team who stood by me for the two or three years it took Paranormal Activity to get into theaters." Paramount, or any other studio for that matter, isn't jumping on board immediately, but it's a very, very good chance that someone will. Even before Paranormal Activity opens for anything but midnight screenings, it's become a success story, which is hard to find these days in the indie world. Well done, everyone.

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