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Every week, I ask Allie a few questions about her knowledge of the film we are about to see before seeing it. Each movie we watch will be the first time she's seen it..

What's the last movie you watched for fun?
I watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkhaban last week with Maci [her friend]. My favorite Harry Potter flick!

What do you know about Tron?
All I know about Tron is that I’ve seen you watch Tron Legacy and from that I know Tron is a computer world. Our dog is named Flynn after something in Tron and our wi-fi is named Flynn’s Arcade, which you told me was in the movie!

Whoa, don't be giving away the wi-fi password geez. Do you think you’ll like this movie?
Well, from the cover of the DVD... I can tell it is really old and most likely has bad graphics. By the way, DVD, Dad? Where's the Blu-ray copy? Yet, I have liked the other movies you shown me, so I’ll try to trust you.

I could have shown you the VHS copy
... The what?

Anyways, this movie is a milestone in special effects. It might not look great compared to modern movies, but at the time, these were state of the art graphics.
I have a bad feeling about this movie, dad.

Tron really is a cool flick to people my age who loved computers. I'm not sure exactly how kids these days will appreciate it. Yet she needs to watch it and respect it's importance. END OF LINE.

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