You may remember that we broke the news a few months ago that the Sex and the City sequel would be filming partially in Morocco. Since then tidbits of that news have floated out all over the place, particularly with news that the shoot was transferred to Morocco after the United Arab Emirates denied the production permission.

So don't act all shocked with what you're hearing from Patricia Field, the iconic costume designer for the series, in an interview with People. She teases the Morocco shoot, promising "belly dancers and Bedouins," and also gives a little more detail about the 80s outfits everyone has been spying the cast members wearing on the set. And yes, it's exactly the kind of flashback sequence you were expecting:

"It was in the beginning of the movie. Carrie was waiting to meet her girlfriends and she was thinking about when she first moved to New York in the '80s and how she met Samantha and Charlotte. They're all, in real time, meeting to go shopping. And in her flashback time, she is thinking of when she first met each one of them."

Flashbacks are fun and all, but they're also usually what happens on TV shows when they've run out of ideas of what to do with the characters in the actual storyline. Far be it from me to assume they don't have enough story to make a second movie, but... well, that's exactly what I'm doing. Just like in the first movie, which took these well-loved characters and spun them around through manufactured drama just for the hell of it, the sequel has no idea how to create actual compelling stories.

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