For being the first day on set, a lot of things are happening in the world of A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas. First it came out from Todd Strauss-Schulson's Twitter account that the film had officially begun its first day of shooting. In a picture that came along with the tweet, you could see Kal Penn's name on a chair that confirms he has left his post at the White House to make the film. Next, a person at the Somerset Mall in Troy, Michigan snapped a photo of the set where they are shooting. Now we have two more bits of awesome.

Garnered from the Twitter accounts of those involved, it now appears that Patton Oswalt has joined the cast. Eight hours ago, John Cho, who plays Harold in the series, tweeted "In Michigan. @pattonoswalt in my vicinity, holding a sketch pad, duct tape, and a reel to reel audio recorder. Eeesh." Patton then responded, saying "Maybe it's this Michigan air, but @JohnTheCho is looking huggable, chloroform-able, and bury-able." An hour later, no doubt bombarded by questions, writer Jon Hurwitz wrote "Cannot confirm whether or not @pattonoswalt was cast in Harold & Kumar 3, or if he's simply on an espionage mission for the Ruskies." Finally, Patton sent out yet another tweet about an hour ago, saying "@Kal_Penn and I had a great time today and then he texted me a pic of a ball sac (not his)."

Not finished being excited about the film, Strauss-Schulso also posted two photos from the set, the first showing an advertisement for the WaffleBot (a product I want to wish into existence) and what appears to be a Tarantino-style trunk shot with a man in a green jacket and another in a Christmas sweater.

Patton Oswalt is easily one of the funniest people on the planet, so to hear that he has joined the Harold and Kumar universe is nothing short of a blessing. It's also nice to know that the director has absolutely no qualms about letting images leak from the set, meaning he is probably going to increase his followship by 20x by the time production is settled. Check out the set photos below and click each one to see them full size.

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