The hardcore-Christian community can't be too happy with Paul Bettany's script choices over the last few years. Starting with The Da Vinci Code back in 2006, Bettany's filmography includes Creation, a bio-pic about Charles Darwin; Legion, an action film centered around the biblical apocalypse; and Priest, where Bettany plays a man of the cloth who goes against church law to hunt vampires. While blasphemy may be a sin, none of those roles can match the level of evil in his next potential role - a high-power Wall Street investor.

THR reports that Bettany and Simon Baker, who will play a securities broker, are in talks to join the cast of Margin Call, the first feature from writer-director J.C. Chandor. Taking place over a 24-hour period, the film follows a group of investment bankers during the 2008 financial collapse. Already cast in the movie are Kevin Spacey, Stanley Tucci, and Zachary Quinto, who will play underlings to Baker's character. The film will begin shooting next week in New York.

Perhaps it's the presence of Spacey, or it's the ensemble cast of brokers, but am I the only one who gets a distinct Glengarry Glen Ross vibe from this project? I feel as though the movie is going to be moving along at a nice pace and then Alec Baldwin is going to smash through a wall brandishing a pair of brass balls. Someone get J.C. Chandor on the line. It's time for re-writes.

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