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Rian Johnson's follow-up to The Brothers Bloom, the sci-fi adventure Looper, is finally almost ready to get in front of the cameras, and with a cast including Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt and of course Joseph Gordon-Levitt set to star, there's a lot to be excited about here. Now Johnson has found another indie-friendly young actor to star alongside Gordon-Levitt; according to The Playlist, he's cast Paul Dano to play a character named Seth, a hitman who, like Gordon-Levitt's character, travels back in time to murder people. At the Playlist has it (they've read the script) Dano's role is brief, but he's welcome in pretty much any capacity by my measure-- he didn't even speak for 2/3 of Little Miss Sunshine, and we all remember him well from that one.

Most of the rest of Looper's plot is still under wraps, and all signs point to it being a twisty kind of film where the secrets are best left that way until you actually see it. If you want to follow bits and pieces of information about the production, though, you can't do much better than checking in on Johnson's Tumblr, where he posts non-spoilery but intriguing photos from behind the scenes. They should start getting a lot more interesting come January, when Looper stars shooting in New Orleans.

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