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Apparently Peter Farrelly was in Boston recently as a civilian, to catch Paul McCartney playing at Fenway Park, but still managed to squeeze in an interview with That's where they got the news that Paul Giamatti will be replacing Sean Penn in their Three Stooges movie, but in another stroke of bad luck, Jim Carrey has dropped out.

Even in the rumor stage the cast was a revolving door of A-list Hollywood names, and Benicio del Toro remains the only cast member still on board after the initial casting announcement. Farrelly wasn't saying who would replace Carrey, though Johnny Depp's name had been tossed around frequently, and he did just recently bail on Terry Gilliam because of a busy schedule. WIll he be stepping in to replace Carrey? Or is this cast going to get progressively less A-list until Stephen Baldwin is bonking Dustin Diamond over the head?

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