If you're thinking that we've already seen too many television shows get turned into movies, Paul Haggis has some bad news for you. THR reports that the Crash director is currently in talks to write a script based on the 80s television series The Equalizer, with Russell Crowe set to star. The two recently teamed up on The Next Three Days, a remake of the French film Pour elle. In the film, Crowe will play Robert McCall, a tough private detective and former spy living in New York who takes on cases the cops can't handle.

How many more of these are we going to have to sit through before we come to a collective realization that 90% of these turn out terrible? If it worked as a television series why spend millions of dollars turning it into a movie when you can just say, "Hey! Remember The Equalizer? It had that awesome intro and 88 episodes of Edward Woodward being a badass." Is there there something wrong with that? Just send them here and save a lot of people some time and money.

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