Here’s a new trailer for Our Idiot Brother, and along the way to making this movie seem like a must see, it also makes a pretty good case for how ridiculous it is that we’re actually still locking up people for smoking marijuana.

In the film Paul Rudd plays a harmless, lovable, stoner whose insistence on kindness, honesty, and thinking the best of everyone lands him in jail for possession. He gets out and ends up going to live with his sisters, all of whom are endlessly frustrated by his kindhearted ways.

Watch the latest trailer for Our Idiot Brother below or in HD on Yahoo.

There’s a point in this trailer where Rudd’s siblings, played by Zooey Deschanel and Elizabeth Banks, get together and wish they could love things as much as their brother does. Answer: You can. All you need is a bong and a healthy resistance to the side effects of paranoia. Write your congressman now. Thanks Our Idiot Brother, for making me wish I could smoke out.

Our Idiot Brother arrives in theaters August 26th. For more in the movie visit our page in the Blend Film Database.

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