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The last time we reported on Paul Thomas Anderson's next project, a story about a religious leader inspired by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, things were looking dicey. Universal had apparently balked at the $35 million the movie would cost, and the various cast members attached to star-- Philip Seymour Hoffman, Reese Witherspoon, Jeremy Renner-- were trying to figure out how their schedules would comply. We were assuming in the meantime that no news was good news, and Anderson was pulling things together behind the scenes, and now at last there's confirmation that the movie, tentatively titled The Master, will be happening soon.

The news comes from Cigarettes and Red Vines, which describes itself as "The Definitive Paul Thomas Anderson Resource." The source is pretty definitive too-- the reporter ran into Anderson himself, chatted with him briefly, and learned that The Master-- or whatever they're gonna call it--will start shooting next month. So there you have it! Prepare for another dense and critically lauded auteurist masterpiece sometime in the next year or so. Is it too early to start talking about Oscar Season 2011?

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