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The biggest problem with Paul Thomas Anderson movies is that there simply aren't enough of them. With only five feature titles under his belt, the There Will Be Blood director has established a deliberate pace that ensures that his films are of the highest grade, but also leaves three to five year gaps between projects that leave fans foaming at the mouth. Finally, Anderson is ready to get behind the camera with the project formally known as The Master - it currently doesn't have a title - and now the film has been picked up for distribution.

After what was described as a "fevered bidding battle," The Weinstein Company has picked up international rights for the project, which has been confirmed to star Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix. According to Deadline, the production is scheduled to start up on June 13 with Megan Ellison backing the film. The script has apparently undergone some major changes since it was first announced last year. In the film, Hoffman will play a L. Ron Hubbard-like figure named Lancaster Dodd who returns from the horrors of World War II and starts up his own religion. He then meets Freddie Sutton (Phoenix), a drunken loser who he takes under his wing. As the belief structure grows, however, Freddie grows to question Dodd's ways. The story also says that Madisen Beaty, Amy Adams (who is probably too busy with The Man of Steel), Lena Endre and Laura Dern are being considered for the female lead.

After everything fell apart last year, it's fairly amazing how quickly Anderson has managed to dust himself off and get back in the game. It sounds like we have yet another amazing title set to come out in 2012.

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