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Hasbro wasn't fooling around when they decided to turn as many of their toys as possible into movies. Stretch Armstrong, Candyland, G.I.. Joe and of course Transformers are all on their way to theaters, and now, well, Hasbro is sinking your box office Battleship.

Peter Berg, the director behind Hancock and Friday Night Lights, is in talks to direct Battleship, an adaptation of one of the simplest board games known to man. The Hollywood Reporter writes that the plan is to make an "epic naval action adventure," which makes sense. And really, given how non-existent the story of the board game is, they've got room to go pretty much wherever they want here.

So it has to be a movie about ships that blow each other up? Done! As far as ill-fated adaptations of board games go, this one might not turn out terribly. Please, Peter Berg, don't make me regret my optimism here.

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