A crazy, hopeful, wonderful sounding batch of Hobbit movie rumors have surfaced today on the site Marketsaw. Peter Jackson may be headed back to Middle Earth!

Their report from vague, anonymous sources claims that The Hobbit is going to be three movies instead of the two originally announced and, here’s the best part, Peter Jackson will put on his Hobbit feet and direct the middle film! Guillermo del Toro would still direct the first movie and the final film, but Jackson would be in charge of what they’re calling “the bridge” movie. It’s not entirely clear what this “bridge” movie would be, they were already stretching to come up with two films from the material in The Hobbit and Del Toro’s other film was supposed to scrap up ancillary material for a story involving Aragorn. How they’d get a third movie out of that is beyond my powers of wild unfounded speculation.

For now it’s really all wild speculation. Though MarketSaw insists they have a trustworthy source they’re also quick to point out that it’s still early in The Hobbit making process and things can change. Stick around and we’ll let you know as soon as this rumor is confirmed or canned.

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