How could you not love the videos Peter Jackson continues to post from the New Zealand set of his two-part Hobbit production? It’s like having the behind-the-scenes, making-of DVD supplementals before the movie comes out.

If you’ve missed his first two video installments, click HERE then HERE. Then belly up to the third video blog, posted on the Oscar-winning director’s Facebook page and shared below:

The note accompanying Jackson’s latest blog apologizes for not bringing any footage to Comic-Con, which – if you haven’t heard – is happening as you read this. “I felt it was too early,” Jackson admits. “There's so much more of the films still to shoot. … Something tells me we will be there in force next year.”

The 13-minute clip also continues Jackson’s playful conversation with Andy Serkis as Jackson shifts his action to a very familiar production facility. (James Bond fans will lose their minds when they see this!) Back in Wellington, the cast and crew reflect on their favorite moments so far from the ongoing Hobbit shoot. We get shots of Bag End, a look into Gollum’s cave, clips of the dwarfs in costume (and an incredibly funny sequence of Sir Ian McKellen trying his best to name all 13.

But why are you reading? Watch for yourself! See Jackson’s Hobbit continue to come to life. Curse the fact that we’re still more than a year away from the first Hobbit, subtitled An Unexpected Journey … and patiently wait for video blog No. 4.

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