There may be hope for The Hobbit yet. New Line Cinema has apparently done an about face and is now courting Peter Jackson to direct the film, the way they should have been. The strange thing is that the news comes from Bob Shaye, New Line’s studio head who not long ago famously screamed the equivalent of you’ll never work for New Line again at Jackson, burning all the bridges between them and then blowing them up again with a stick of dynamite, just for good measure.

Now Shaye has suddenly come to his senses and when the LA Times re-asked him the is there any hope of getting Peter Jackson directing The Hobbit he said, “Notwithstanding our personal quarrels, I really respect and admire Peter and would love for him to be creatively involved in some way in The Hobbit.” The Times claims that New Line is quietly trying to repair their relationship with Jackson, the question is whether or not he's interested in forgiving them.

If you’re wondering what could turn Shaye from a raving, Peter Jackson hating loon into a guy who seems to really want to work with him again, look no further than job stability. It’s been widely reported that New Line is in a slump, and that could mean that Shaye, as company head, is headed for the guillotine. Peter Jackson and Lord of the Rings made New Line a powerhouse, the best way for Shaye to save his own ass is probably to get Peter Jackson back. If you’re Jackson though, why the hell would you want to do it? Maybe he’s passionate about the material, but to me Peter Jackson has begun to sound like a guy who has moved on to ‘Entourage’ cameos and other more personal projects. He can write his own ticket, and doesn’t need the hassle of working with backstabbers like New Line Cinema. New Line may suddenly want him back, but there’s a good chance they’re too late. Shaye should have used his head before they publicly pissed on their biggest director and threw their biggest moneymaker out with the trash.

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