Peter Jackson’s next movie isn’t The Hobbit or The Lovely Bones or Halo. It’s a short film called Crossing the Line, and it’s already done.

What is it? It’s a 10-15 minute war film shot to test out a new digital camera system called Red One 4k. Apparently Peter asked Red if he could try out some of their toys, and the showed up expecting a couple of studio tests and instead found him ready to roll on a huge, fully staged war setup. The result was Crossing the Line, and from the trailer it really does make the cameras he’s using look brilliant.

So far, only a 30 second trailer for the short is available. But if there’s 15 minutes of footage out there, I hope someone finds a way to release it. If Peter has no plans for it, maybe Red should find a way to get it up on their website as a way to show off their cameras. Something. The brief snippets we have look pretty cool.

For more info on Red’s really awesome digital cameras go here. They claim they can do it cheaper and apparently better than anyone else. They’re filming at four times the pixels of normal HD and for only $17,000 per camera. Ok that sounds like a lot, but to put it in perspective their competitors are selling high-end cameras for $150,000 to $500,000.

We have a few stills from Crossing the Line below, along with an embedded version of the 30 second trailer. Scroll!

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