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In 2002, back when MTV had some semblance of good programming, a show called Clone High U.S.A. came on the air. Though the show only lasted one season (it got pulled because the folks over in India were offended by the series' take on Gandhi), it was most certainly a glorious one and without a doubt one of the greatest animated shows in the history of the network, ranked alongside Daria and Beavis and Butthead. Created by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, I was thus unsurprised when their directorial debut, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, turned out to be an absolutely fantastic film. Needless to say, I'm always happy to hear about them getting work.

THR reports that Miller and Lord are currently in discussions to direct Bob The Musical for Disney. In the film, the titular protagonist gets knocked on the head and suddenly can hear "the inner songs of everyone’s hearts." Marc Shaiman, who wrote the music for John Waters' Hairspray, is writing the music. Should the duo take on the feature, they would have to work around the production of 21 Jump Street, which they signed on to last December and is looking at a spring shoot. The article doesn't specify if the film will be animated or live-action, but considering that directors Adam Shankman and Mark Waters were previously attached to the project, it's fairly safe to assume that we'll be watching live people on screen.

Lord and Miller are both immensely talented individuals and its great to see them start to find serious success. Really the only drawback of this project is that they didn't write the script themselves, but the story does say that they will be bringing in a writer to do rewrites (I suppose they may just be too busy to do it themselves). I'm typically not a fan of musicals, but I can get behind a musical done right. Let's hope that these two can get that done.

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