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Pineapple Express/Superbad Crossover Movie!

It looks like Superbad and Pineapple Express aren’t going to get sequels, no matter how much money they make. Writers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg just aren’t interested. Instead, they may do a crossover movie. That’s right, a team-up between the characters of both films in one massive, action flick. It’s like Abott and Costello meet the Mummy, except it’s violent stoners meet drunken, sex-crazed high school kids.

James Franco teased the idea while talking to MTV. He says the idea is to have a huge crossover movie, directed by both Superbad director Greg Motolla and Pineapple director David Gordon Green, “each directing half of the movie and somehow these characters get together, which doesn’t make sense at all, but could work.”

How could it work? Franco has only a vague, Scooby-Doo like notion. He says, “somehow the kids get in trouble somehow and we have to get them out of it.” Ok, simple enough. But wait, isn’t Seth Rogen in both movies? Will they need a Stunt Rogen in a bad wig? Franco has an easier solution to that problem. He suggests, “Seth plays characters in both movies, so somehow we’d have to kill one of them off.” If you’re going to kill one Rogen, I suggest Dale the pothead process server. His cop character in Superbad is easily the best thing about the entire movie.

For Franco’s Pineapple Express character, drug dealer Saul, a crossover would be a little easier. Franco says, “The thing about Saul is that I don’t really think he goes anywhere, that’s his tragedy.”