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Despite the reboot being a total dud at the box office (the movie opened in 6th place with only a $10 million take), a sequel to Piranha 3D was announced and given the green light no more than three days after it was released. Be it because the film made more than enough money on its $24 million budget or because critics gave it a 75% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the studio not only wants another movie, but they want it immediately.

Deadline is reporting that Dimension Films has begun speeding the sequel through production so that they may have another film ready to go by next summer. Given the ridiculous title Piranha 3 DD (I think it has something to do with boobs), the studio has hired Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan - the writers behind Saw 3D - to handle the script and John Gulager to direct. All three of the new hires worked together on the horror film Feast, which was the winner of one season of the show Project Greenlight.

While I can understand the desire to make another film, it's a shame that they couldn't bring back the writers and director from the "original." What made Alexandre Aja's film work was its tongue-in-cheek approach, acknowledgment that it's a silly premise and an excuse to use a lot of red food dye. Hopefully Melton, Dunstan and Gulager understand this and will bring that same flavor to the sequel.

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