The first proper trailer for Piranha 3D, the wonderfully campy looking new film from Alexandre Aja, just hit a few days ago. So why is there already a new one at Yahoo! Movies. We don't know, but we don't really care. Even though the new trailer goes a little lighter on the bikini bodies and goofy piranha close-ups, it stills looks like a damn fun time being scared and laughing at the same time. Plus there's a lot more Christopher Lloyd in this one, and as a kind of sun-bleached version of Doc Brown, he's a very welcome sight.

Check out the trailer embedded below or in high-res at Yahoo! Piranha 3D comes out in the dog days of summer of August 27, just in time for you to be sick of the sun and ready to see all those happy people in bathing suits get eaten-- bite by tiny bite.

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