Inside Out

Sadness then gets the spotlight shone on her, with Joy explaining that she doesn’t really understand why she is around. This is accompanied with a quick montage of Riley crying in various locations as she grows older and older. Joy can’t do anything about her presence, though, so she says, "There’s nowhere for her to go, so she’s good, we’re all good, we’re all great!"

The narration then takes us through how memories work, showing bright, yellow colored orbs on the wall (stacked like the nooks and crannies of a brain) and most of the remembrances are described as being very happy. The most important memories are called the "core memories," and they are stored in a special chamber embedded in the floor of the headquarters. These are the really important moments in Riley’s life that define her as a person. We are shown the young girl’s first time scoring a goal in hockey, where she is overtaken by pure joy.

Each core memory creates its own special "island" in Riley’s mind. Joy’s narration says that her favorite place is Goofball Island, but that she also has an appreciation for Family Island and Friendship Island. We then get an idea of some of the other parts of the girl’s brain, as her imagination lets her see the floor as lava. Riley gets older and older through montage, playing with an imaginary friend named Bing Bong, getting better and better at hockey and so forth… and Joy is there watching all along.

Finally, it’s time for Riley to go to bed. As Riley’s dad kisses her goodnight, we see Joy at the controls saying, "And we’re out. Another perfect day!" Fear responds, "Alright, we didn’t die today! Success!" Joy activates a switch and the short-term memories that are in storage filter out to long-term memory, and as the glowing orbs travel through the pipelines we can see them cascading into the distance. The sequence ends with Joy’s narration talking about how wonderful everything is and saying, "Riley’s 11 now. What could happen?"

To say that I was blown away by this footage would be an understatement. While the animation was incredibly rough, the very first scene with Riley’s birth could end up being the most emotional sequence Pixar has made since Carl and Ellie grew up together in the first act of Up. As someone who appreciated both Monsters University and Brave, I also feel there is a level of creative spark present here that we have not seen from the Academy Award winning animation company in a few years. I was overwhelmed by the footage that was shown, and needless to say I am left desperate to see more.

The real tragedy is that there’s still such a long time to wait. Inside Out is on the calendar to be released a year from now on June 19, 2015. Be excited.

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