Deadline has it this morning that Disney-Pixar’s Brave, previously titled The Bear and the Bow and Pixar’s first shot at having a female in the lead, has had its release date pushed back, but only by a week so don’t fret. You’ll still be getting a fresh new Pixar film in June of 2012.

The original date was June 15 before it was pushed to June 22nd. There’s no reason for the push listed in Deadline’s brief, but with Madagascar 3 hitting theaters on June 8th, it makes sense that Disney would want to put a little bit of a buffer between it and another animated feature. Although, chances are that even if they were being released on the same weekend that Brave would be the only one anyone gave a crap about.

The move puts Brave up against quirk classic novel adaptation Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter from director Timur Bekmambetov. The move also lands Brave in the same release week as Toy Story 3, released June 18th, and upcoming Cars 2, which hits June 24th this summer. Pixar always releases in the summer, but they may have found their sweet spot. Look for more on Brave, starring Reese Witherspoon and Kevin McKidd, as the year pushes on.

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