Cars is off the lot, Ratatouille is on the way through the kitchen, so what’s Pixar working on next? Nobody seems to know exactly what it is, but word is out on the title. Pixar’s next movie may be something called W.A.L-E, according to several different Disney fan sites. In specific, the title rumor seems to have originated on a site called LaughingPalace.

Alright, it’s just a crazy rumor but at this point I’m seeing enough people touting it independently to give it a little credit.

Yeah, it’s a pretty weird title. What the heck is it? No one seems to know for sure, though a few have been theorizing that it’s code for a secret Pixar Alice in Wonderland project. Somehow I doubt it. Instead, from people I’ve talked to word is that it might be the name of the film’s title character. A robot of some sort. Hopefully they’re not doing their own version of robo-world and throwing them at odds with Fox’s mediocre animated flick Robots The last time they did that Pixar ended up with A Bug’s Life versus Antz… and it’s one of the few times they’ve come out the loser.

The robot rumor makes a lot of sense though, in light of other rumors that Pixar is working on a science fiction script. Unfortunately, as you can tell we’re pretty deep in completely unfounded rumors at this point and I think I’ll just stop.

The only thing here that really seems to have any concrete validity is that one of Pixar’s next movies will be something called W.A.L-E. Whether that is its the working title or its final title nobody knows. Enjoy trying to figure out what the hell it actually means. When we know you will.

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