The Expendables may get a sequel, which is good news for anyone nostalgic for the days when men were men on screen, and maybe not such good news for those of you who think it’s all just dumb and loud. In fact Expendables producer Avi Lerner tells FilmBeat that “work is already underway”.

So they’re prepping for Expendables 2 but whether or not they go through with their plans will, of course, depend mostly on you. They’ll wait till Monday and see what the box office numbers are like. If they’re good Lerner says, “We all want to do it, we are already working on it and I’m ready to go. Everyone had such a great time making this.”

Could the sequel give them a chance to work in some of the big, action names that got left out of this one? What about Van Damme? Where's Chuck Norris? Maybe more time for Arnold? He should be done playing governor by then. More muscle definitely seems to be on their mind. Lerner confirms, “We want to line up even more big names next time round and we are already thinking about who to ask.” Sounds manly. Who would you like to see in The Expendables 2?

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