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After you watched the new teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan's Inception, you may have felt even more confused than you did before. The thriller, which we've been told is set "inside the architecture of the mind," looks great, but the teaser gave pretty much no information about who the characters are or what they're up to.

And that's Nolan's goal, after all. He's kept the plot details of the story ridiculously tight, presumably because it's the kind of twisty thriller like Memento that is best experienced having no information at all. But if you're a spoiler-hound, In Contention has gotten their hands on details from the script. Not the script, mind you, but just some plot details from a trusted source.

Obviously there are lots of spoilers that I won't reprint here, but having read the write-up, it seems to be more establishing details of the world Nolan is creating, and not much about the plot itself. Still, spoilers are spoilers, and if you want to remain pure, don't click over there. Personally I feel kind of glad to have a hint of what's happening, and just as intrigued by the film. After all, movies are far, far more than their plots-- knowing a potential twist is just one piece of the large scheme that Nolan is putting together. But hey, you know your own limits. Click over only if you're sure.