1. TRUE. Yes, Beauty and the Beast is a fairy tale that's been adapted a million times, but the fact that it's Disney considering the remake puts it in the remake category. Do they really think they can top the 1992 animated version? They're giving it a shot.

2. TRUE. Word of a Weird Science remake broke in April, and with 21 Jump Street writer Michael Bacall on board, it actually sounds more promising than most of these. They're planning to make it an "edgier R-rated comedy." Brace yourself for the inevitable Anthony Michael Hall cameo.

3. FALSE. 1974's disaster film The Towering Inferno was a massive hit, and sits just behind Finding Nemo as the 54th-biggest film of all time when you adjust for inflation. Though the idea of a disaster inside a skyscraper is probably a little distasteful after 9/11, I still wouldn't be surprised to see this actually happen.

4. TRUE. With Beasts of the Southern Wild's Quvenzhane Wallis in the title role and Cameron Diaz newly on board as Miss Hannigan, this updated musical is set for a Christmas release next year. Technically it's based on the original comic strip, but by far the most version of the story is John Huston's 1980 film.

5. FALSE. This 1983 comedy starring Eddie Murphy is a straight-up classic that should never be touched, but come on-- you're just waiting for them to announce a remake anyway, right?

6. TRUE. Even with some bad buzz behind it and the mystifying decision to shoot in Toronto instead of Detroit, this upcoming remake at least has some promise with the casting of Michael Keaton as the bad guy, and up-and-comer Joel Kinnaman in the suit. It's coming out February 7, 2014.

7. TRUE. News about this one broke just yesterday. No, we don't know what Spielberg is thinking either.

8. TRUE. Well, true for now at least. Christina Applegate and Ed Helms are set to star in the remake of the National Lampoon 1983 classic, but a dispute over the rating within the studio has it delayed for the moment. Helms would be playing the Griswolds' son Rusty all grown up, and Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo are set to cameo in their original roles. But if the studio still can't decide itself what it wants the rating to be, we might be waiting for this one a while yet.

9. FALSE. Given how many filibusters have made headlines lately, and been compared to this Frank Capra classic, you'd think that a remake wouldn't be far behind. But Mr. Smith seems a little too optimistic for modern politics, don't you think?

10. TRUE. We're dying to see what Spike Lee does with Chan-wook Park's mega-violent Korean original, especially with Sharlto Copley, Elizabeth Olsen and Josh Brolin in the major roles. It's set for release this October, and we're expecting to get a look at it at Comic Con in a few weeks as well.

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