Yes, The Huffington Post is undeniably important in the cultural and political realms. But they apparently suck as a movie site. The Post was given the exclusive premiere of the poster for In The Loop, along with a short essay written by director Armando Iannucci about his inspiration to make the political satire. But the poster image they ran is tiny, and barely gives you a sense of the clean, retro, Saul Bass-thing they've got going on.

But hey, you work with what you've got. Head over there to check out the slightly larger version of what you see above. In the Loop, which screens at the Tribeca Film Festival next week, is a genuinely hilarious and smart satire about low-level British and American politicians who may or may not be about to start a war. I saw it at a pre-Tribeca screening over the weekend, and have spent all my time since then telling people how great it is. Catch it at Tribeca if you can, or look for it in limited release in late July. I'll have a full Tribeca review on the site before too long as well.

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