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Here is another prime example of a movie that no one will mind a remake of: The Mechanic was a Charles Bronson flick in 1972 about an assassin who takes on an apprentice, who just happens to have been involved with one of Bronson’s previous victims. Sounds pretty cool, but it wasn’t super well received and most definitely could be done better than it was.

Enter Simon West, whose directorial debut was effing Con-Air, redefining “awesomely bad”, stepping in to helm Jason Statham and Ben Foster in this remake. While I unabashedly dislike even looking at Ben Foster, this poster from Cinematical has me excited for one of his movies. It’s a weird feeling really.

It’s simply a gun made out of various other guns, and it’s great in an Expendables sort of way. However, there’s more here than meets the eye. Notice in the bottom middle of the design there’s a square block. Well, that is a QR Code, my friends, and if you scan it with a QR Reader on your smart phone, you get something pretty cool. Here’s a list of apps for various smart phones for you to enjoy. Scan it up.

Check out the poster below, but head to Cinematical for the ultra high-rez before you try and scan the image.

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