Robert Rodriguez’s Predators remake/sequel has a director. No it’s not him. Rodriguez is still just producing and he’s produced the director of Vacancy to help it.

The word comes from Austin filmmaker HQ AICN where Robert handed them the reigns and asked them to announce his choice to the world. They did and also managed to ask him a few key questions like, why aren’t you directing this yourself? Robert’s answer to that question is pretty long, even making allowances for AICN’s abnormally large fonts but the short answer is: He’s busy.

Rodriguez also confirms that the movie will be shot in Austin at his Troublemaker Studios, and offers hints about the story. For instance he says, “like the original movie, the title does have a double meaning. Aliens was a different take on the Alien idea, and an original movie in it's own right, and that's what we want to do with this.” Best of all for those of you who threw up in your mouth the first time you sat through Alien vs. Predator he insists that Fox believes, “No one is ever going to talk about AVP again after this film, I will stake my life on it.”

For more from Rodriguez head over to AICN.

As for Antal, while it’s hard not to be a little disappointed that Robert’s not the one helming this, if they’re going with a lesser known director maybe he’s not such a bad option. His next movie Armored is getting tremendous buzz and there’s Vacancy which, despite some flaws at the least looks really, really good. Nimrod Antal may be just the guy to pull Predators off. He can’t be worse than Paul “not the good one” Anderson and if he fails we’ll all have fun using his first name in a wide variety of puny jokes about how much he sucks.

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