It's only August, sure, but let's be real-- we've already got our attention turned to the fall movie season, and you probably do too. The high points of summer moviegoing are over and now we can look forward to the real main event of the year-- the endless stream of prestigious, fantastic-looking films that open in the last quarter of the year in hopes of getting attention for awards. Not of all of them will get them, of course, and there's bound to be a few Best Picture nominees that drive us crazy, while some of our favorites won't make the cut at all. But at this point, so early on, we can hope that anything might win Best Picture. And if we're really crazy, we can predict it.

Call us crazy, but we're jumping in, with each of us predicting what we think will win Best Picture. Not only have we personally not seen most of these films, but with the exception of Inside Llewyn Davis, pretty much nobody has. This is all about intuition and wild guesses-- which, if you've ever won your Oscar pool, you know that it's pretty much what Oscar predicting is all about anyway. Feel free to join us by making your own wild predictions in the comments, and check back after the Oscars on March 2 to find out who, if any of us, was right.

Picked by Eric Eisenberg
The Academy has never been particularly kind to the science-fiction genre in the Best Picture category, with classics like Star Wars, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, and A Clockwork Orange getting nominations but never winning. Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity might be able to finally break that streak. In development for years, the movie certainly isn’t lacking in ambition, as the director pushed the limits of today’s filmmaking technology in order to make the project happen exactly how he envisioned it. And not only does it sound like the outer space setting is perfect for Cuaron’s trademark long, unbroken shots, we’ve already had the chance to experience it in small doses via trailers and Comic-Con footage and it has blown our minds each time. Add in the prestige of Academy Award winners Sandra Bullock and George Clooney – who are amazingly the only two actors to appear in the movie – and you have a recipe for a film ready to receive the highest honor that the Academy can bestow on a title. Horror, comedy, action, gangster and fantasy movies have all had their time in the spotlight, and now it’s time for Gravity to give the sci-fi genre the attention it deserves on Oscar night.

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