Robots are the new vampire! With those fanged phonies in the Twilight series getting wrapped up in only another two years, what sort of fad are we going to get sick of next? How about robots!?

You may have noticed a shiny little book in passing on your last trip to Barnes & Noble called “How to Survive a Robot Uprising: Tips on Defending Yourself Against the Coming Uprising.” The book was written (among other just as ridiculous titles) by Daniel H. Wilson and was optioned by Paramount who now has Reno 911’s Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant working on a script. The Hollywood Reporter said today that Wilson, with the creative gusto of Nickelback, is now working on a fiction piece called “Robocalypse,” about, you guessed it, a robot uprising. And despite the similarities to How to Survive, Dreamworks has decided that competing in the robot war… uh… war with a property from the same author is a good idea.

“Robocalypse” has yet to be published, but will be hitting the shelves right around the time in 2011 when How to Survive will be hitting theaters, and right around the time Daniel H. Wilson starts burning hundred dollar bills just for shits and giggles. With two studios producing two separate robot war movies from the same author, we can definitely expect to see some copy cats trying to undercut these guys, a la ”Transmorphers.

So if you’re not sick of robots after that travesty of a Terminator, you sure as hell will be once Daniel H. Wilson gets done with you.

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