Casablanca… twice
by Katey Rich
I credit a lot of my love for movies to my dad. He's not a movie critic or anything, and is rarely willing to sit down and watch something at home for longer than 30 minutes-- I've learned that the hard way after trying to give him DVDs for several Christmases. But my dad loves going to the movies, and he loves revisiting the old movies he loves… and even now I'm a professional movie critic, there are still sometimes movies he adores that he knows I need to catch up on.

Back when I was in college, that movie was a big one: Casablanca. I'd somehow made it halfway through freshman year of college without seeing the Humphrey Bogart classic, and when my dad gave it to me on DVD that Christmas, I welcomed the chance to catch it. I did; I loved it; I loved it again when I watched it later that year in film class. And then the next Christmas, when my dad gave me Casablanca on DVD again, I probably would have loved it again-- except I had to fess up and remind me he'd pulled the same move the year before. What can I say? He wants me to know my stuff. What better sign of cinematic love is there than that?

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