In the grand history of "movie adaptations of TV shows that will probably never happen but the people involved keep talking up anyway," Entourage isn't the worst offender. Yes, it's been rumored on and off since around 2007, and as recently as last December executive producer Mark Wahlberg was talking it up as a possibility, but it hasn't come up nearly as often as, say, the Arrested Development or Party Down movies, maybe because there are fewer hopeful journalists who actually want it to happen.

But with the final season of Entourage now airing on HBO, the movie rumors are flying faster than ever, and have moved up to the person who actually has the power to make it happen, namely creator and executive producer Doug Ellin. During the TCA press tour, that week where the creators of every show gather with every television critic in the country to be barraged with questions, both Wahlberg and Ellin sounded very confident about the possibility of a movie. "If I had to finance it myself, I would do it," Wahlberg said-- and that's no empty promise, considering he could probably actually do that. And here's what Ellis had to say:

"We’re going to do a movie. We’re going to do it, the question is when and how quickly. Hopefully we'll come down with an idea and make it happen."

I like how Ellin says they'll "come down" with an idea, as if it's the flu or a nasty STD. Either way, their enthusiasm shouldn't be mistaken for actual plans-- this is the strong face they present to critics as they promote the final season of their show, and it may not bear any resemblance to financial or creative reality. If an Entourage movie is going to happen, it ought to happen now, so who knows-- we may not be done with Vincent Chase after all until we see him up on the big screen.

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