The debut of Quantum of Solace is still more than a week here in America, but overseas it’s already breaking box office records. Opening in the U.K., France, and Sweden, Bond’s latest outing exploded with a massive 38.6 million in 2,123 theaters.

In Britain Bond shattered the country’s previous 3-day launch record, which had been held by Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by earning $25.3 million. It also set a single day record on Friday, earning $8 million in just that one day. By American standards those numbers sound miniscule, but internationally that kind of money has Solace on the fast track to being one of the biggest movies of all time.

This coming weekend it expands into even more international markets before opening in the United States. On Friday it arrives in 57 more countries including Russia, Germany, and Italy. By the time 007’s latest adventure finally does hit American theaters, it may already be in the black. With otherwise weak holiday box office competition here in the United States, Quantum of Solace seems poised to break records Stateside too.

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