Having gone to three film festivals in 2010, I had my fair share of chances to watch some strange films, but none were weirder or more entertaining than Quentin Dupieux's Rubber. The story of a psychic tire named Robert who goes on a murderous rampage, the entire movie is dedicated to the idea 0f no reason. I absolutely loved the film when I saw it at AFI Fest and now you too will get the opportunity to watch a piece of rubber vibrate and cause people's heads to explode. Bloody Disgusting has learned that Magnet has set a schedule for the film's release. According to the site, Rubber will be available on-demand starting February 25 and a limited release run starting on April 1.

You can read my review of the movie here and I highly recommend that you hunt it down when it becomes available. I will offer the disclaimer that some people won't enjoy it as much as I did, those who are willing to give it a chance and embrace a philosophy of no reason will love it.

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