Yes, yes, we all know by now-- this is not your father's Sherlock Holmes. The Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law movie may still be set in period England, and still featuring natty top hats and posh accents, but his is a Guy Ritchie movie! There are guns! And bareknuckle boxing!

This point has been made in the film's advertising so often by now, of course, that it really seems like time to change tacks. But that's not all what's happening in the new poster for the film, which has premiered at Cinematical. Robert Downey Jr. is staring into the camera with a coquettish smile, his hair gelled up like some high schooler in the late 90s. Jude Law, for his part, is looking quite debonair-- I guess the mustache makes it pretty impossible for him to look too modern.

That said, I love the cheeky tagline-- "Holmes for the Holidays"-- and I'm still looking forward to the movie immensely, because, come on, it's gonna be fun. But something about the poster is just rubbing me the wrong way. You can see a smaller version below, and a giant one over at Cinematical. Enjoy the gazing.

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