When we write about posters here we're usually just relieved when a one-sheet avoids the "floating heads on a solid color background" format, and actually recognizes that movie posters done right can be, well, art. So I hate to pick on the new poster for Rabbit Hole that debuted at Hitfix, given that it's taking a few daring steps to promote the Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart-starring drama.

And to be fair, they're working with a lot of challenges here, from the highly metaphorical title only explained near the end of the film to the simple fact that it's a drama about two parents grieving for their dead four-year-old-- but, y'know, kinda funny too. Still, I just don't feel like they're getting any of that across here. The empty tire swing does a nice job of suggesting "family life interrupted," and Kidman's face inside the letters gets across the idea that there are heavy emotions on display here, but what's with that tagline "Love will get you through" ? And why is Aaron Eckhart left out entirely? And how about the blue sky-- is there some kind of airplane scene in the movie I missed?

I really liked Rabbit Hole when I saw it at the Toronto Film Festival last month, and I'm looking forward to seeing it make its way through the fall awards season. This poster will definitely help it stand out among the usual "prestige" offerings you get this time of year, but I still don't feel like it's doing quite right by this well-crafted, tender movie. Take a look below and click for a bigger version at Hitfix.

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