The last thing this world needs is another superhero parody. So of course Rainn Wilson is doing one. Variety says he’s set to star in Super as an average guy who starts calling himself Crimson Bolt after his wife falls under the sway of a drug dealer. Crimson Bolt has no actual super powers, but he swings a mean wrench. Maybe he should take a lesson from The Shoveler and call himself The Wrencher, instead.

Also in the film are Liv Tyler, as the drug addicted wife and Ellen Page. No word on who Page plays, but I’m going to say she’s the drug dealer just because I find the thought of her dealing crack and seducing Liv Tyler amusing, in a sickening sort of way.

Super is being written and directed by James Gunn. He was last seen directing the movie Slither, after which he slithered off to making internet videos and foolishly divorcing Pam from The Office. Seriously, what kind of asshole divorces Pam from The Office? I’ll fight you James Gunn. Don’t think I won’t. Actually, OK, I probably won't. The thing is, aside from his questionable decisions regarding women Gunn has always seemed pretty cool. Super may not seem like the most original idea, but maybe he'll get something good out of it. Having a cast like this can't hurt. At least he's not stuck with Tim Allen.

UPDATE! James Gunn has posted more information about the film on his official site. He describes Super as, "dark, comedic, gritty, very unusual, and grounded," which is good news if like me, you had visions of Tim Allen movies in your head. He insists "it's not a spoof", but rather "what it’s really about is love, violence, perseverance, and faith." And just to piss the Catholic Church off he adds, " I think of it as The Passion for rebels, oddballs, fanboys, and freaks everywhere." Where do I sign up?

Gunn's update also includes a description of who Ellen Page will play. He says, "Ellen will play the role of Libby, a young sociopath who dons a costume and forces herself into Frank’s life as his “kid sidekick.”" Sounds a little like Pip girl from the Kick-Ass trailers, only slightly more age-appropriate.

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