For any other couple, the following story might seem strange, bizarre or out of place. For the Quaids, it’s just another day in the Great White North. They might not be Charlie Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate, but they’re certainly on par with Heidi and Spencer at this point. First, let’s give a little backstory. Actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evi were arrested a few years back for defrauding an inn out of roughly ten thousand dollars. They eventually paid their tab but failed to appear in court numerous times until they were found living in the guest house of a property they formally owned. The pair claimed the house was illegally sold, charges were filed against them and they fled to Canada, eventually petitioning for refugee status so they could escape the “star whackers” that were murdering Hollywood celebrities.

Evi’s father was a Canadian citizen; so, as of now, the Quaids seem to have defeated the system. In celebration, they’re putting together a docudrama chronicling their valiant escape. According to the Globe and Mail, the film, entitled Star Whackers, will screen on April 22nd and loosely follow a plotline where shadowy forces are trying to murder Randy Quaid to steal his star power for themselves. The project is yet unfinished but will be shown as is. Evi released a statement, clarifying, “For the first time I would like an audience reaction to my art as a work in progress, so I may understand its content through other eyes.”

Whether Star Whackers is a one off screening or just a taste of a finished product that will eventually hit DVD is still a matter of debate, but I, for one, am very curious about what the Quaids are willing to show. An advisory has already informed audiences that it will feature nudity and adult language and content throughout. Let’s hope the star whackers don’t sneak in and learn any secrets they could use for future hunting.

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