When I saw some advance footage from next year's animated comedy Rango a few weeks ago, I also got a look at a new trailer, which featured little bits of what they had shown us but also some glimpses of even bigger adventures that presumably come later in the film. Now that very same trailer is available online at Yahoo! Movies (where you can watch it in HD) and also embedded below. Featuring the voices of Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, Bill Nighy and more, Rango is director Gore Verbinski's follow-up to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and his first entirely animated film. Check out the trailer below and we'll talk about it after

While most of the marketing campaign has focused on the Hawaiian-shirt-wearing chameleon Rango and the slightly surreal world that surrounds him (including the teaser poster that hit yesterday), the trailer puts a little more emphasis on the residents of the frontier town Dirt, all of them lizards and moles and other desert creatures. Far more than just some surrealist journey across the desert with Johnny Depp voicing a chameleon, Rango seems to be more like an old-fashioned Western about building society, standing up for what's right and learning to get along with the people around you. Oh, and it also looks really funny and has some burp jokes-- it's a Nickelodeon-produced movie after all.

Not all of the jokes hit that well in the trailer, but having seen that early barroom scene where he burps fire in its entirety, I have a feeling they all work better in context. I'm excited for Rango not just because it looks genuinely original in a world plagued by reboots and sequels (hello, Yogi Bear), but because this trailer looks like it'll deliver on its promise.

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