In this weekend's Battle in Seattle Ray Liotta plays the beleaguered mayor of Seattle; as he says it, he took the job because it gave him the chance to wear a suit, and not have to beat people up. But in his next movie he'll be getting back to roles that might be more familiar, even if he's doing a comedic spin on it.

Liotta will be playing Seth Rogen's nemesis in Observe and Report, a comedy in which Rogen plays the very dedicated, very serious security guard at a local mall. As Liotta puts it, "Seth Rogen is a mall cop who is really overly obnoxoiusly serious about it." Liotta's cop character is called to the mall when some certain things get a little overexposed. "Then there's a flasher. I'd rather be on a murder case, or something that cops do, but not looking for a flasher. It's just that confrontation."

Check here later for more of our interview with Liotta, about Battle in Seattle as well as the funny side we'll be seeing in Observe and Report, which Liotta says he's surprised audiences don't remember. After all, didn't we all see Operation Dumbo Drop? No, really. He brought that up as an example of his comedic skill. You have to read it to believe it.

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