The mid to late 90s saw an attempt by Saturday morning cartoons to cash in on the computer animation craze. The first to do it, and be any good was ‘ReBoot’, a show about computer programs living inside a mainframe and being forced to battle in games input by the users. Ok, basically it was Tron, but with mini-skirts and dreadlocks. Still, the show was fun and even a little smart once in awhile. Today’s braindead Saturday morning lineups could use a little dose of something like ‘Re-Boot’, but instead they’ll get more card battle cartoons because ‘ReBoot’ is returning, but skipping TV and going straight to theaters.

The Hollywood Reporter says Rainmaker Animation is developing a trilogy of movies based on the old TV show. They won’t attempt to pick up where it left off, but simply re-develop the idea and re-launch it in a new way. Whatever that new way is, I have a feeling it’ll still basically be… well… Tron.

That’s alright. Nothing wrong with a new version of Tron. I like the idea of turning ReBoot into an all CGI-movie. What I don’t like is that Rainmaker is taking a page from the bottom dwelling pits of modern reality television and letting the public have a say in making it. Worse, they’re doing it with annoying Web 2.0 apps which is basically like letting the awful MySpace crowd have a say in the development process. If there’s a worse way to make a movie imaginable, I don’t know about it. Have they seen MySpace? My god, it’s like Mos Eisely only they won’t let you cut anyone’s arm off.

They call this abhorrent brainstorming environment “Think Ups”, and when Comic Con opens on Thursday it’ll be live on a website called Zeros 2 Heroes. So that means I have four days to hang myself.

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