But what can Goonies 2 possibly offer a new generation?
Let's stop thinking about ourselves for a minute. Let's take a moment and recognize that we're in the "up there" part of Mikey's grand speech right now. "Down here" is where the kids are, and I like to think that the intention of Goonies 2 would be to inspire and entertain a new generation of kids, assuming the subject matter focuses on kids this time around. If that's the case, then Richard Donner, Steven Spielberg and whoever else is involved in this project may want to take a big step back and question what it is that would speak to kids in this day and age.

The adults of the current era might jump to the conclusion that kids are all too preoccupied with their gadgets and too busy Facebooking and what-not to embark upon a Goonies-like adventure or want anything to do with anything not found on their iPhones. But consider for a moment that grown-ups in the 80's might have tried to argue the same thing about the kids of that era, too busy with their TV sets and Walkmans to get off the couch and do something. Anything. The Goonies defied that logic, as the kids in the story proved more than motivated to leave the comfort of their "stuff" and risk their lives to save their town. So let's not underestimate today's youth and say that the story is outdated.

An adventure story about a bunch of kids on a mission to save their town -- or whatever the sequel decides to be about -- isn't so unlikely. The problem is, the concept isn't so original either. Yes, it's been thirty years since The Goonies and about as long for all of the other kid-focused 80s movies. But it hasn't been nearly as long since the Harry Potter films, which were all about kids rising up and being the heroes of their own story. That concept isn't so novel these days.

And TV and film are saturated with kid-focused content now. Gone are the days of Saturday-morning cartoons. Here are the days of Netflix and whole channels that play nothing but kid-centric content every day. What's missing, if anything is the content that caters to both parents and kids alike. At present, animated films seem to be succeeding in entertaining adults and their kids, however we don't see a lot of family-focused comedies or adventure stories in theaters anymore. Which brings us to...

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