I've always looked at Ice Road Truckers as one of the low-rent knockoffs of Deadliest Catch, another attempt by a cable network (this time the History Channel) to exploit dangerous blue-collar jobs for the entertainment of couch potatoes like me. And maybe it is, but if you ask Max Payne director John Moore, it's also a series worthy of the feature film treatment.,BR>
Talking to Deadline Hollywood, Moore said he wants to make a 3D narrative version of the reality TV show, now that his other project Northern Lights, an aviation drama, has fallen apart after Taylor Lautner bailed. "It is very much a tough guy movie," Moore said of his idea for the Truckers movie." The show, about truckers charged with driving 18-wheelers across 350 miles of ice to diamond mines in Canada's Northwest Territories, does come with a lot of drama built-in, and if the documentary crews have already figured out how to film in the unforgiving climate, a feature film crew can probably manage it too. But with the real-life exploits of the truckers available to see for free each week on TV, is anyone going to shell out movie theater prices to see a fictionalized version?

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