Stephen Frears never makes the same kind of movie twice, and never gives himself much vacation time between projects, so it's no surprise to see that he's already at work assembling his next project, which will be an adaptation of Beth Raymer's memoir Lay the Favorite, about her experiences in a ring of older, male gamblers. It's a little surprising to read the duo he's eyeing, though-- Deadline reports that Bruce Willis and Rebecca Hall are both frontrunners for the lead roles.

Hall would be played Raymer, of course, while Willis would be one of the gamblers in the group. Both are also eyeing other projects, including Willis's potential role in Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom-- and really, if I were him, I can't imagine turning Wes Anderson down. He and Hall also make for an interesting pair of rising and falling star fortunes-- Willis is fresh off Cop Out, which was terrible, and Red, which at least should have been better than it was, while Hall is only more and more popular thanks to roles in The Town, Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Please Give. The two could make for a dynamic pair onscreen-- or they could both move on to other options and this will all be for naught. It's the price you pay when speculating about a project this early in the process.

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